Cutlass Isle's Pirates! Guide

This section offers a variety of tutorials and guides to help in the different parts of the game and in its modification.

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By now you may have come across Sashanan's excellent Pirates! Strategy Guide but you'll have read it as a text file that, because of the tremendous amount of information in it, can be hard to read. We're therefore happy to offer you Sashanan's Strategy Guide formatted into something more accessible and pleasing to the eyes. Check out the guide and, if you haven't read it yet, be amazed with how much you didn't know about the game yet!

On to Sashanan's : Strategy Guide

New to the game? Confused about what you are supposed to be doing? Too many questions in your mind and too little courage to ask them all? Well, don't worry about that anymore! Airsaw has gone through the trouble of finding answers to all those questions for you! His Beginners' FAQ will tell you everything that you have to know to start out your career as a privateer in the Spanish Main!

On to Airsaw's : Beginners' FAQ

One of the most critical parts of the game is fencing. You have to engage into duels in order to capture booty, to avenge your family, to save barmaids from trouble and to win the heart(s) of your sweetheart(s). Rupertlittlebear has put on his Zatoichi costume and is prepared to turn all of you into master swordsmen. (Note that there is a file connected with this article available in the Mods section.)

On to Rupertlittlebear's : Fencing Academy

Another critical part of the game, and one that has caused more than one grey hair to those fierce pirates who thought that gold rings and jewellery were all that you needed to capture your sweetheart's heart, is dancing. Many a pirate has been turned away from the dimly lit chambers of the governors' mansions merely because of their innate lack of coordination when it comes to taking the lady through the moves. But now Gun Pierson, the embodiment of charm and wit, has arrived to the Cutlass Isle with his sidekick, Rupertlittlebear, and together they are prepared to teach you the secrets of ballroom dancing.

On to Gun Pierson & Rupertlittlebear's : Ballroom Dance School

If you're an avid "Sid Meier's Pirates!" fan, and have either read Sashanan's FAQ, spent some time in the manual or pirateopedia, or have otherwise heard rumors about the Ship of the Line and have wondered about it, this would be a good read for you.

On to Headrock's : SOTL: Ship of the Line FAQ

Now that the game is out, players are looking for ways to customize their game. Firaxis has made it easy for people to change the flags and sails of their ships, or have they? It's not very difficult, once someone has shown you how to do it. Cutlass Isle is the official home to Wolfwood's Flag and Sail Emblems tutorial, which makes a professional flag and emblem modder out of anyone.

On to Wolfwood's : Customizing your flag and sails tutorial

Hooked on Pirates! is the official home to another valuabe Pirates! resource; Civrules' Pirates! Prerelease Information FAQ, became the standard FAQ for anything Pirates! during the time the game was in development.

On to : Civrules' Prerelease Information FAQ

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